Nigel Rudkin

Rochester, Kent


I am an artist living in Kent, England, and I produce tasteful, sensual watercolour female nudes. My art is body positive and my depictions of fat women have found a wide online audience among men and women who like the positive, affirming and respectful way I depict the fat woman as a woman of beauty. Fat is not a bad word in my book – to shy away from using it is to give it the power of insult, or shaming – to see the outer beauty, as well as the inner beauty of a fat woman is to celebrate life and diversity!


My work basically challenges the idea that female beauty only comes in small packages.  My stance is firmly body positive, and my nudes are a celebration of the larger woman.  In my world, the large woman does not apologise for taking up space, and I depict the joy, beauty and pride of the large woman in all her glory.  My watercolours are of women who are big, beautiful, and proud and will not be hidden away!


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